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#16 WAYS FOR 16 DAYS: Conversations on Social Media


Gender-based violence is a human rights violation that is normalized.
#16ways is an online protest.
#16ways themes each day of 16 Days of Activism with a specific focus.
Partners can join the campaign on days specific to their work. Participants in
the conversations will be invited to share their stories on Facebook and
Twitter within the #16ways structure.
By inviting womxn to these conversations, the campaign will be inclusive of
womxn new to social media. The support of social media influencers and
partners will also maximize awareness and support for participants who
share their stories and are not listened to enough on online spaces.


Learn/Unlearn – Support – Listen – Speak – Seek help – Fight – Create –
Mentor –Invest – Accountability – Feminism – Masculinity/men – Inclusivity –

Stop – Community – Act/Do

With each theme associated to one day of the 16 days of activism,
participating womxn can consider how best to share their stories prior to the
release of the campaign and with guided support, structure posts effectively.
All materials that they plan to share online can be prepped in advance so that
during the campaign, womxn are ready with what they want to share, when
they will share it and knowledge of how to. We will offer continued online
support during the build up and online campaign. Womxn can choose what
stories they tell and how they are told. They can participate in every day of the
campaign or just one.
Partners are invited to join the campaign to amplify their own online activism
with the support of the #16ways team and other partners.
By shaping the campaign like this, it will have a strong support structure to tie
all perspectives together but also allow for the authentic voices of participants.


Conversations Include:
Lessons on the power of social media activism
Principals on a Feminist Internet
How to best access online support
Guidance in setting up and impactfully utilizing Facebook and Twitter
Introduction and inclusion in the #16ways campaign
Guidance in how to create good captions, photos and online stories.
Online support prior to and during campaign.


Womxn who are new to social media and want to learn the basics
Womxn using social media that need assistance in making sharable
Womxn who desire a platform to have their voices heard
Groups that want assistance with their own online activism against
gender based violence




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