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Girls’Net Project Flies

2015 has really laid the foundation for the Girls’Net project. WomensNet rebuild the website into the new format that is also a mobisite with exciting new features.

We have created a platform where girls and the schools and clubs can sign on. We have broaden the scope to include various social media platforms and included gallery to collect the photo’s of the clubs, schools groups and Community Based Organisations.
The training is important and at WomensNet we have negosiated with Media24 and together we have developed a Community Journalism training for schools with a focus of engaging girls and to promote the idea of being a community journalist / schools journalist.

Hastag Radio

With the support of #hastagradio we are in the process of including anti-bullying awareness training to the social media component. Youth Leaders and teacher will be able to participate in accredited training and will be given the tools to lead the girls and boys to use social media.

Safe Schools Project

Most of the vulnerable youths are in the Western Cape on the Cape Flats and we have partner with the Department of Education – Safe Schools Project to provide training to 28 schools in the cape flats. WE have identified young women who have been appointed as youth leader in the schools and we hope to provide them with the training needed to inspire girls to organise a schools newsletter in the schools to address issues of safe use of technology and anti-bullying in schools.

Gauteng Projects

In Gauteng we continue to work with place of safety and other schools where we have started Clubs. In Gauteng we also include out of school youths working in Community Based Organisations and youth groups.
We have identified Mpumalanga as a hot spot because of the lack of NPO that provide services. On our visit to the region we could not find many women’s organisations that provide services to abuse, rape or substance abuse. WE have partner with 10 schools in Ermelo (Gert Sibanda) and we have used community conversations to create awareness of HIV/ Domestic Violence and substance abuse.

Digital Stories

We are excited in 2016 to introduce the Girlsnet project to give young women and girls access to technology to tell their stories and to support each other. Our partnership in Mpumalanga includes schools and youth organisations.