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    the policies on your behalf.

    The reason why we recommend extensive research is the fact that the policies differ substantially in
    the benefits they offer.

    Some of the questions that you should ask before signing on the dotted line are:
    -Will I be covered for ‘own occupation’ (i.e. will the policy pay out if I cannot work as a pilot)? And if ‘yes’ Jay Cutler Jersey , how could I structure it as part of my superannuation sighting recent legislative changes?
    -Will I be covered only for base income or full earnings (base income plus allowances and

    -What is the waiting period before cover will commence?
    -Will I be covered only whilst at work or does the policy extend 247 cover?

    Make sure that you are comprehensively insured: We believe that income protection insurance
    is of critical importance for pilots (which is why it was discussed in a separate section). There are
    also some other areas of insurance to which you should pay close attention.

    Personal liability insurance: This will protect you from the impact of lawsuits or compensation
    claims based on your actions in the cockpit. You may be covered for personal liability by a
    policy arranged by your airline. It is advisable to find out whether this is in fact the case and
    whether the level of cover is sufficient.

    Loss-of-license insurance: The loss of your flying license Jarvis Landry Jersey , even temporarily Dan Marino Jersey , can have a
    significant negative impact on your income. Loss-of-license insurance policies are often
    provided by airlines. Again Cheap Miami Dolphins T-Shirts , it would be advisable to make doubly sure that you are indeed
    covered at sufficient levels.

    Life insurance: A good life insurance policy will ensure that your loved ones are financially
    taken care of Cheap Miami Dolphins Hoodies , even if tragic circumstances mean that you are no longer there to provide for

    Some insurance companies market products aimed at pilots that combine some or all of the
    different types of insurance listed above. Some of these policies represent good value for money
    while others are nothing more than fancy ‘wrappers’ for standard policies (Putting ‘pilot’ on a
    portfolio of products is no guarantee that it is indeed suited to the needs of pilots!) A competent and
    independent financial adviser should be able to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Cash Buffer
    Although taking out insurance is very important it should certainly
    not be the sum total of your ‘rainy day preparations’. Increase your preparedness by establishing an
    emergency fund that can only be accessed under certain predefined circumstances.

    Get your Wills in order
    Far too many professionals do not have a proper will in
    place. This is a pitfall you should do your best to avoid for the sake of your loved ones. The
    necessity of proper estate planning is even more acute if you have a relatively high net worth since
    ill-defined or ‘unprotected’ estates can lead to massive tax liabilities andor to your estate not being
    distributed in line with your wishes.

    It is our opinion that the key investment focus of pilots should be long term wealth creation. In
    practice this would mean following a fairly conservative strategy geared toward securing a steady
    income after your flying days are over. Your investment strategy should also ideally deliver lump
    sum income to deal with major life events like the kids going to university Customized Miami Dolphins Jersey , major relocations and

    Only if you are satisfied that the ‘bases are covered’ by using a more conservative wealth creation
    and preservation strategy should you even begin to consider more aggressive speculative
    investments. Far too many investors have burnt their fingers at exactly this point. You can avoid
    getting burnt yourself by:

    -Being highly suspicious of ‘get rich quickly’ schemes. Responsible investment is much more
    of a ‘get rich slowly’ affair.
    -Diversifying risk. Putting all your financial eggs in one basket is asking for trouble and should
    therefore be avoided at all costs.
    -Always making use of the services of an independent and professional financial adviser
    before making major investment decisions.

    Tax matters
    Many pilots are unsure about their tax positions and the deductions they might be able to claim.
    Unfortunately this uncertainty often translates into under-claiming as a means of taking the easier
    and simpler route to filling in a tax form. Obviously this approach can cost quite a bit of money over
    the long term.
    The best way you can protect yourself against giving Caesar more than his due is to spend some
    time listening to what Caesar himself has to say. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) maintains a
    web page dedicated to tax issues Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys , deductions and rulings relevant to airline staff. This page can be
    found at ato.gov.au and should be your first port of call before you begin to fill in your tax return.
    If you make use of a tax adviser you should also make sure that heshe is aware of this resource before
    work begins on your return.

    Retire in style
    Planning for your retirement should be one of the cornerstones of personal financial management.
    Therefore it is imperative that you take the time to do a few projections of the likely state of your
    finances in retirement. If the results of your projections are less than satisfactory you should
    obviously do your best to improve the position as much as possible before you actually reach
    retirement age.

    The one area that you should pay particular attention t What Position will you be playing? Baseball Gloves come in var.

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