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Digital Story Telling experiences

Healing power of story telling

What can I say…except that life goes on and we all do what we are required to do. I am not much of a blogger but there are times when words are the things that heal and gives one time to reflect on things. The digital story workshop was one of those things that created healing, for me and some others. I came away with a feeling of being healed and ready to move on. This is what I say that words and pictures can and do heal. If you are hurting….write it down do you own story around that hurt, put pictures to the words and add music if you wish.
Submitted by Joy
What on earth are you doing writing a blog ? Are you crazy in addition to all the other things that you are ? At your age, you should know better !! Well, yes, actually I am crazy, and anyway, blogs look a little bit like dragons, and I ended up my digital story by saying that I go looking for dragons to slay now, so out comes my digital pen that is mightier than the virtual sword, and I jump into the deep end ! Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to Sally and WomensNet for hosting the event, and to Liesl of Gender Dynamix, for insisting that I come and share my story, and to Anthony and Ruth from GALA, for building a library of information to be available to those looking for maps. Finally, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the other delegates who gave up their time to be at the workshop. It was great to hear your stories on day 1, and then to see them come to life on the big screen on the last morning. It was a great learing experience for me to be in such a multiracial, multicultural, multi-everything group. My old eyes were opened. Thank you to Busi for challenging us to look for people bold enough to speak for us. This is my little contribution, in a way. Life will never be the same again ! My 4 kitties were very glad to see me – so glad in fact that they forgot to punish me for leaving them alone. Lots of love to you all !