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Women’sNet Approach

The Women’sNet model rests on three pillars, information/content generation linked to networking and capacity building. Examples of how content development has gone hand-in-hand with capacity development of women’s organisations include the work done in preparation of the Violence Against Women site, the human rights site, and the governance site. In the context of building networks for action, this is a tried and tested developmental model for ICT work, and has underpinned all Women’sNet capacity development and content generation activities.

This model ensures the sustainability of Women’sNet and the viability of South African women’s organisations in the long term. Without the engagement with women’s organisations and efforts to build their capacity, content flow to the Women’sNet site could be impeded. As it is, most women’s organisations lack the capacity and resources to use and engage with ICTs without some facilitation by Women’sNet. Women’s organisations’ active participation in content generation supports the organisations’ authenticity and uniqueness.

Four years after its establishment, Women’sNet has developed a regional and international profile and a reputation as a project that both disseminates relevant information and supports other gender-aware organisations in their work to advance gender equality. Much of this profile rests on our networking and capacity development activities. Women’sNet is an active partner within an Africa-wide network of women in ICTs that have taken on the challenge of promoting ICTs for social development and gender transformation.

The organisation has been an active participant in regional gender and ICT advocacy and training through its membership within APC Africa Women and the global network, APC WNSP. Where ICT circles would not normally include gender issues, Women’sNet has been identified as a gender and ICT advocate and invited to these forums to make presentations.

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