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The board of Trustees is Women’sNet primary governing body. It makes policy and management decisions, and works with the director (s) and staff to implement the strategic priorities decided by members. Five members are appointed for a five year term and represent our networks and members.

The board of Trustees includes a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer, and may also include other offices as appointed by the Board. The director (s) is an ex officio member of the board, not elected but included by virtue of being the leaders at Women’sNet.

The Board of Trustees are registered members of the Trust and responsible to ensure compliances to the NPO / Company Act, they meet four times a year and participate in the strategic planning processes.

Women’sNet is working together to change the nation through a network of leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources – supporting and strengthening women’s rights movements in South Africa

Our Board

Tina<br />
Sharron Marco-Thyse
Sharron Marco-ThyseTreasurer
Tina Tiart

Tina has over 10 years experience in the Women’s Funding Movement and is an Independent Consultant to the Philanthropic and Non-Profit Sector. She serves as a member of WINGS, a global network that seeks to strengthen philanthropy and a culture of giving through mutual learning and support. She is a founder member of ForwardFund and HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions and provides support to the Non Profit sector.

Sharron Marco-Thyse
Sharron works at the Centre for Rural Legal Studies in Stellenbosch and advocate for the rights of women and men farm workers. The CRLS under the leadership of Sharron has developed considerable expertise in research, advocacy and training in the land and labour sectors with a specific gender emphasis.She serves on the national Advisory Board of the Land Rights Management Facility, a key project within the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. She has actively led Transformation within the Wine Industry as Chair of the Wine Industry Charter Steering Committee and currently serve as Chairperson of the South African Wine Industry Trust.
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