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Strengthen Social Change

Women’sNet is a South African based non-governmental organisation that strengthens women and girls movements for social change through the strategic use of information communication tools and advocacy that promotes access, the right to information and freedom of expression.

Our Vision is that all women and girls, confidently exercise their information and communication rights to create social capital and wealth that positively impacts on their lives. 

Women’sNet achieves this through the following:

  • Empowering women and girls to use, control and adapt to new information by providing communication tools, skills and knowledge to help them meet their own needs and to claim their rights.
  • Collaborating with networks and campaigns, Women’sNet successfully advocates for policy change that promotes gender justice, internet rights and freedoms.
  • Advocate for universal access to affordable, secure and gender aware information and communication technology services.
  • Act as innovative lead agents for social change supported by knowledgeable and skilled people.
  • Monitor and evaluate our interventions in order to increase our impact and deepen our practice.
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