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ICT Training for Organisation

This Womens’Net initiative is aims to develop women’s capacity to use Information and communication Technologies for on-line social activism. It aims to be a platform for women’s voices and facilitate the dissemination of information Womens’Net- Is a joint project of SANGONeT2 and the Commission on Gender Equality (CGE)3.
It has been designed to enable South African women to capitalise on the enormous potential for advancing women’s struggles presented by the www and information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The project is designed to help women’s organisations to meet each other, find people, discuss issues, share resources and sharpen their tools for social activism.
Womens’Net aims to achieve this by making technology accessible to women, particularly those who have been historically disadvantaged, providing responsive gender-sensitive training and support.
By creating strategic links between projects and organisations working around women’s issues, it aims to be a platform for women’s voices and facilitate the dissemination of information in formats that are accessible to women who are not directly linked to the Internet.

Everyone—from ordinary citizens to governments, businesses, and charities—has a role to play. Unlock the power of South African women today

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On behalf of our Organisation I would like to thank WomensNet for making it possible for us to attend the Feminist Tech Exchange Workshop. This was a life changing experience and one that I hold dear to my heart.

Sally, Lebo, Eva and Lerato

I used to think that ICTs/IT was just about computers and stuff, I never thought that you can use it to make a difference emotionally, physically and mentally and this workshop was a wake-up call for me

Berenice Jacobs

ICTs are powerful in giving voice to victims of VAW, for advocacy and for healing. It can not only spread messages but the realities and experiences of survivors.

Before the training I did not know that something like VAW, which is so emotional, could be influenced by something so non-emotional like technology